Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picture Booth Friends!!!

I am really loving this card! I spent some time reminiscing about high school and thought I better send a card to my Best Friend Forever!

So I am adding this to Rio's challenge on Best friend cards...I don't know how many entries you can have...but they haven't told me to stop yet! And as far as my entries go...this one is my favorite so far---quantity equals quality!

I love the polka dot paper with the stripes, funky ribbon, stud stickers and the rushed watercolors kinda give it a punk vintage look--maybe?

Oh yeah, it's foam mounted too...can't tell in the 2D world!

I've spent lots of time in picture booths! Hee hee!
Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a fantastic card and idea!! Love the colors and polka dots rock! Great masking of the images. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. OMG how cleaver! Awesome card!!

    Thanks for participating in our Teen Challenge!



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