Friday, August 13, 2010

High school memories...

That's me in the middle!
These are pictures from my senior I guess I had just barely graduated!
I was trying to think of a funny event that happened...but nothing really stood out.
I read through my high school journals and was mortified to see that I was totally "in love" with every boy!!!
I was such a dork! We had tons of fun! I was really outgoing and didn't embarrass easily...good thing too!
There was one night that I snuck out of my house to go on a walk with a boy.
Well, we headed over to the park by the pond...
School had just barely started, so it was still a very warm night...
and there were tons of mosquitoes at the pond!

I knew I was getting eaten alive...but it was the balance of
being with this guy and some bug bites...
When I got home, I realized that I had hundreds of bites! And tons on my face and eyelids!
I had so many--it looked like I had chicken pox!

To make matters worse...sleeping didn't help...I just got more swollen and puffy...
and I still had to go to school--eyes barely open...and explain to my parents how I got so diseased while I was in bed sleeping...??? Oops!

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  1. LOL, great story & great pics!! I'm gonna have to dig to find something!

  2. OMG you poor thing! I would have made it worst by crying! Love the pics!


  3. Mosquitos love me too! How did you explain yourself out of that dilema? LOL


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