Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Doctor Who Stamps!

(Want more Doctor Who?  Check out Doodlecraft)
This is a thing!
I didn't know this was a thing until just barely!
Make your own Rubber Stamps!!!
I've used scraps of rubber to make background shapes...
but never a full stamp!

I've wanted a TARDIS rubber stamp for a long time.
a long time.  I'd dream about having one.
Well, I discovered this stuff:
Speedball, Speedy-Carve Rubber sheets!
I got it on amazon, $15 a sheet...and I barely used any!

This stuff is awesome and amazing.
I might have done this project at midnight because I was so excited.
*hence the dark pictures*
It took me 40 minutes.
It might have turned out better if I wasn't soooo excited!
I had my silhouette cut out the perfect tardis shape.
 There it is!
I used some light spray adhesive to stick it to the rubber while I worked.
The rubber is already dirty, because first I tried
 carbon paper...and that didn't work at all!
Oh yeah, just remember to reverse your image!!!

Then I used a cheap pen and traced my lines.
See, it's NOT reversed!  Luckily the Tardis is symmetrical...
so I just switched the sign on the door to the other
side when I cut it out.
So, what did we learn?  Reverse it!  :)

Removed the stencil and prayed.
Seriously, I craft better when I pray!

Using an X-acto knife...or other hobby blade.
Cut that sucker.
The rubber is very soft and easy to cut...and also easy to screw up...
like if you "scratch" it lightly with the'll show.

Alas, many lines are imperfect

But there is a certain charm to something handmade.
And something you can't buy anywhere else!

Once I thought it was "there",
I tested it out.

In blue, of course...although I don't have the right shade of blue!
Something else I *need*
 Looked pretty good, but there were a
 few places I cleaned up.

 I used some adhesive foam I had for stamps and stuck it on.
Frankly it didn't need any, because the rubber is so thick and soft.
But I had it...I temporarily mounted it to an acrylic block
 and made a bunch of fun cards!
In a hurry, I mailed one off to my daddy!
Isn't that super?
I love it!  My mind is whirling with ideas for more
Doctor Who related Rubber Stamps!
Dalek invasion stamp!
Here's the silhouette I used...
 I traced it onto the rubber sheet...
 Cut out with x-acto knife...

I used colored markers this time instead of ink pads.


 Make them tie-dye looking, fun ombre shades!

I have more ideas brewing, this is sooo fun!

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