Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm creepy

Okay, in an effort to get 40 entries for FFF
at The Greeting Farm by tonight--
I made a set of 6 cards with the Creeper Crew (minus Thursday)
Turquoise, Black and one other color!
I used Fortunes from fortune cookies for the sentiment!
Thought these would be great for Valentine's!
(so far I've entered 11 cards!)

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  1. Really nice! I love the combination of black/white and a color. I also love that black lace!

    Hugs Sanne

  2. Oh my gosh!!! These are great. You are totally putting the rest of us to shame. And these will make upper cute mini v-day cards.
    Jess M :)

  3. you crazy girl! i love these!!! i think you deserve something for making so many diff cards for one challenge. hehee

  4. LOVE the set, the way you have unified them all with a similar design yet varied the colors, so much fun and such high energy! Charming!


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