Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hailee's coloring fest!!!

My little 6 year old Hailee!
She is a card making champ through and through!
She made 3 gorgeous cards, complete with glitter and rhinestone brads!
Now she is coloring picture after picture!
Check out SOG challenge: kids coloring
She came up with the sentiments all herself too!
Hey Cupcake!

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  1. Ha love it! Very cute!

  2. Great cards Hailee I love all of them =P

  3. soo very cute.. Great Job Hailee

  4. She IS a champ! I LOVE her sentiments, especially the frozen treat :) Great cards and sentiments Hailee! Thanks for playin with us!

  5. She has some real style! She def has a future in the card making world! Thanks so much for playing with some odd gurl!

  6. Great cards Hailee! PS love your hat as well! Thanks for playing with Some Odd Girl, Robin F.

  7. Hailee is giving her brother a run for his money! Fab work
    Thanks for joining us at


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