Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Luck!

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Button Ornament Christmas Cards!
Super simple cards with the perfect festive touch!
You'll need white cardstock, buttons, marker or pen, silver leaf pen, and glue dots!
 A standard (A2) card is 5.5 by 4.25 inches.
It's half a sheet of paper folded in half!  Easy.
Then use a ruler or straight edge and draw some random lines on it.
 Add little decorative bails/hangers to the ends and color them with a silver leaf pen.
 Then glue dot on the buttons!
 Add a little phrase with some fake calligraphy...and you're good!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Stampin' Up Visions of Santa Wood Slice Ornaments!

Stampin' Up Visions of Santa Wood Slice Ornaments!
 Stampin' Up sent me this photopolymer stamp set
Visions of Santa!
 It's not a set I would normally buy myself...because I wasn't sure how I 
would use it...I'm unlikely to send Christmas cards with
 this silly Santa Dance team on it.  But...a-ha!  Ornaments!
These are PERFECT!
A touch of whimsy and silly!
 After some hedge trimming and yard work this fall...
My husband brought me a section of log.  About 3 inches in diameter or so.
I used my miter saw to cut 1/2" slices.
Then I baked them in the 170* oven for about 3 hours rotating every 45 minutes or so.
You will also need:
Black Stazon Ink pad
Clear block for stamping
Paint in Red, peach, brown, white and black
Drill and bit
 Start by placing your stamp on the clear block.
Then ink it up with stazon ink!
Stazon ink is amazing.  You can stamp it on anything...seriously.
It cleans off the stamp/block easily with a little rubbing alcohol.
 Press firmly on the wood slice.
Some of my wood was easier to stamp than hard in every section.
 You can see there are some whoops places...but they are adorable!
 Next I used my palate...that I never clean...
and got red, white, brown and black paint...I didn't end up using silver.
 I watered it down just a touch and painted the wood.
It bleeds a little so plan accordingly!
 I love the grain lines of the tree showing through!
 Color them all up.
I went simple because I wanted to feature the wood slice and the silly Santa!
 Next, drill a small hole in the top of the slices...
and add a piece of twine!
 Hang them up for all to enjoy!
It totally makes me rethink this hairy legged Santa!
 These are the perfect images for ornaments!
What do you think?

Stampin up is having a huge sale for Cyber Monday!
Get over there and check out the deals!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stamp-n-Storage! Perfect Craftroom Organization!

I just discovered Stamp-n-Storage!
Seriously, amazing Craft Room organization boxes...
I am so excited about these, I need a million more!
They are specially made to fit Stampin' Up and other big craft brand supplies.
Look at my crappy punch organization before...stacked...covered...buried.
And rarely used...because they are stacked up like dominoes!
 Stamp-n-Storage sent me 3 fabulous organizers in exchange for this post.
All opinions are my own.
And yes, I will be purchasing more!
 One for ink pads, one for lock down punches and one for whale punches!
They arrived quickly and packaged beautifully!
They are unfinished you could paint them if you want!
They are high quality and come all fit together.  No assembly required!  Phew!
 I love's so much easier to be creative
when everything has it's own place...and is visible!
Out of sight, out of mind, right?
 Look how perfectly all my ink pads fit!
Oh yeah...they sell them in various sizes!
They make them to fit on a desk top...hang on the wall...or...
Fit perfectly in an IKEA Expedit Shelf!
I went with the Ikea size to fit my giant desk. 
You can get an ink pad holder to fit up to 60 pads!
All the measurements are listed...they are almost 5 inches they
 don't take up tons of desk space either!
 They can even fit your ink pad, markers and ink refills!
Look at the organization heaven here!
 I'm going to get some paper organization shelves...
 Awesome way to store paper!
I'll need some for my markers, my embossing folders and wafer dies!
I am so excited to be able to see all that I have to work with!
I believe that having a well organized supplies allows more creativity...
I'm an affiliate for Stamp-n-Storage now too!
(you can find their link on my sidebar)
Check out their fabulous collection for craft room organization!

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